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Isis and the Star Dancers Studio has instruction in Middle Eastern Raqs Sharki (Commonly referred to as Belly Dance), Polynesian/Tahitian/Hawaiian Hula, Fusion/Alternative/Tribal and Middle Eastern Rhythms for Tabla.  Being based in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the studio is easily accessible to students from both Dallas or Fort Worth alike.  We have many who come from as far as Denton or Rockwall to attend weekly  classes.

Our students get to perform at charity events like Arbor Daze, Mayfest, Denton Arts & Jazz Festival and Addison Worldfest, as well as retirement homes around the area.  You may also see many of our finest Dancers and Drummers performing at Scarborough Faire on the Ivanhoe Stage.  Local belly dancer, Isis, takes pride in having been a part of ‘Scarby’ since its beginning in 1981 and still draws a crowd of well wishers and admirers whenever she has time

to attend the faire.  

We strive for creating a welcoming atmosphere for all who attend classes. Our goal is for you to feel like this is your extended family, while learning the technical and entertainment skills that will help you grow, if you wish, into a professional dancer or drummer.  All of this is done with the intent of promoting the art and joy of dancing & drumming, while also giving back to the communities we represent.

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