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Special Interest Video Sales Supported a Lot of Art by Delilah
A New Kind of Exotic: The Rising Popularity of Fan Veils in Modern Bellydance by Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
Tafadalo! - Middle Eastern Culinary Arts by Na'ama Rose
Star Talk by Amaya
What Does Success Have to do with Happiness? by Fahtiem
Bellydancing into Politics: How Dancing Helped Me Run for Mayor by Wendy Amato
Visionary - Summer Solstice Parade by The NTP
Begin Within...(poem) by Baraka Bethany Elihu
Countdown to a Competition - Part Two by Rebecca Wolf-Nail
A Recipe for Dance (poem) by Stephany Perea
Dieting: How to Tell Fact from Fiction by Sarahbeth Ghozali (aka Yeli)
In Loving Memory of Dennis Hooper by Sakti Rinek
Reflecting the Flower of Life by Leyla Najma
Adriana by John Clow
Serena Lifetime Achievement Award by Chronicles Staff
Spotlight: Joynan by John Clow
CD / DVD Reviews:  
Put the "Belly" Back in Belly Dance with Hannan Sultan (DVD) by John Clow
Ya Amar Modern Bellydance Music (CD) by Johanna Juntunen
Ibrahim Farrah Near East Dance Group performs The Zar Dance (DVD) by Karyana
Step-by-Step Bellydance with Leilainia (DVD) by Kisa
Event Reviews:  
MECDA's Cairo Caravan by Ma'Shuqa Mira Murjan & Carl F. Sermon
Wiggles of the West Winners - Pictorial photos by Robert "Kyle" E. Steffen
The Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition by Marta Schill
Belly Dancer of the Year Competition - Pictorial photos by Carl F. Sermon
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