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Taking it to the Next Level ... with Mher & Mayte by Marta Schill
The Sahra Chronicles: The Nubian House Luxor and Our Scarf Project by Sahra Saeeda
Making Memories with Bellydance by Sabrina
The Tarab of Om Kalthoum's Music Lives On: Her Songs Dance in our Hearts by Amina Goodyear
Start with a Smile by Fahtiem
"The School of Hard Raks" - Part 4 - Creating the Quickening: Music Interpretation by Jasmin Jahal
Star Talk by Amaya
Old School Belly Dance by Nizana el Rassan
An Hungarian Jewel: An Interview with Shaba of Budapest by Chellcy Reitsma
Judy's Little No-No by John Clow
Ouch! - Recognizing, Avoiding, and Caring for Dance Injuries by Princess Farhana
Quick Make-up Ideas by Minea
Samantha Gill, Belly Dancer by John Clow
Getting Involved in "World Thinking Day" by Jeanne Wells/Aqilah
Reviews - Events:  
The Belly Dance Super Stars - Pictorial photos by Chet Rybak and Ma*Shuqa & Carl F. Sermon
An inside look: East Meets West III by Becky Wegner
Mendocino Middle Eastern Music & Dance Camp 2012 - Pictorial photos by Carl F. Sermon
Rakkasah East 2012 - Pictorial photos by Carl F. Sermon
SF/BA MECDA Fall Festival - Pictorial photos by Carl F. Sermon
Reviews - Books & CDs & DVDs:  
The Belly Dance Reader - Book Review by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan
50 All Time Greatest Belly Dance Hits - CD Review by Kisa
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