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Kata Maya - Dancing through the changes and into the future

by Tammye Nash
Special Announcement!  
Zahra Zuhair - Lifetime Achievement Award  
The School of Hard Raks - What's your Score? Preparing for a Belly Dance Competition by Jasmin Jahal
What Would You Have Done? or....Enough with the Chinese Food! by Amaya

In the Spotlight: The Desert Darlings

by Tammye Nash
When We Don't Have Enough time to Get It All Done - We Should Belly Dance! by Holly H Fischer

Majinga's Magic from Around the World - The Story of the Magique Bazaar

by Michael Stroud & The Cast
"The Fez" Awarded Best Foreign Feature Documentary  
Teacher's Wisdom: How to Master Technique and Create a Unique Performance by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan
Nagwa Fouad by Hossam Ramzy
"Call it What it Is" Debate by Nizana
Reviews - Events:  

Yaa Halla, Y'all 2018 Yellow Rose of Texas Belly Dance Star Competition Winners - Pictorial

 photos by Miracle Bennett, Tammye Nash, Cassie Quinn, and Carl F. Sermon

Mendocino Middle Eastern Music & Dance Camp 2018 - Pictorial photos by Carl F. Sermon
The Mendocino Experience by Zann Darbuka, Ahava, Ron Perovich, Benjamin Alderson, and Alan Williams

Andalee's Hot Raqs 2018 - Pictorial

photos by Carl F. Sermon

Bed, Breakfast, and Bellydance: My Diva Intensive

by Donna Carlton

Carnival of Stars 2018 - Pictorial

photos by Carl F. Sermon
El Berencesa - Baladi, The Heart and Soul of Egyptian Dance - by Hossam Ramzy - CD Review by Oriana
Unity of the Heart - by Yuval Ron Ensemble - CD Review by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan
Cairo Nights - Volume 7 - by Dr. Samy Farag - CD Review by Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan
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