Welcome to our exciting publication promoting not just the ancient art of Middle Eastern Dance, but celebrating its defining history, the exciting changes of the present and the creative dreams of the future.  Meet the stars, their shows, and their points of view!

The Belly Dance Chronicles is the official publication of The Isis Foundation, a government recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, created to promote the art of Middle Eastern dancers and musicians.


We love providing you with a "bit of everything" to sweeten your passion for this dance and music genre and thank you - our writers, photographers, vendors, and advertisers, for being there to make this possible.  And we love that you pass on the info about this 15 year magazine commitment to your friends, so we can continue to make this happen for you.

Being a Digital magazine lets us promote your websites with exciting "click-throughs" to let everyone go to your personal/business page, whether you are a writer, photographer or advertiser.  Be sure to advertise your on-line classes, jewelry, costumes, make-up, up-coming events - those special important items and seminars you want everyone to know about!

Help us share all of the choices with those hungry for the tales of your experiences, your knowledge, your studies, and photos of your events!




**We are currently making updates to our website. A comprehensive list of content of all of our magazine issues is coming soon.



Missed an issue?  You can purchase back print issues from April 2003 to July 2015 for only $15 (includes shipping within the US). Please email us if you live outside the US and would like to order one of our available hardcopies.

Issues from October 2015 to the current issue are currently available on Joomag at no cost to you - you may read and save each issue in PDF.  

Jan/Feb/Mar 2003 (our first issue), Apr/May/Jun 2004, and Apr/May/Jun 2005 are now SOLD OUT and are no longer available. 

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