Strangely Beautiful

She caught my eye as I was walking past,

   But I never saw her face.


Her dancer's costume was green and lush,

   Her body even more so.


For above her undulating hips

   Swelled the makings of a child.


Lovingly draped with a fine green veil,

   Cradling the babe within.


Her careful covering spoke not of shame,

   But dignity.


Swaddled as tenderly as a newborn,

   Protected, yet proudly displayed.


As the baby-to-be swayed in silken hammock,

   It's little bed, a story of love so dear.


I was mesmerized by a sight so strange and beautiful.


This I saw in a moment's passing,

   This I will remember the rest of my life.


The story of her silken scarf,

Her Dance of Love.


-Kristie McGurke 5/20/99