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Ticket Info

We will be processing the registration forms as we receive them. Once you have been registered in our system, we will print you a confirmation packet and send it to you via the US Postal Service. Be sure to bring this packet with you as a confirmation for your registration. However, event tickets and programs will be handed out at the door before the shows and seminars begin. Packets will be available at the Colleyville Convention Center on Thursday night for those attending the Rachel Brice workshop, and will be available each morning at the Grapevine Convention Center for those attending workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



Participate in the Shows

If you are participating in any of the seminars, we invite you to perform in the evening show. Space is limited and is provided on a 'first come, first serve' basis. In an effort to make the shows run smoothly, performers must adhere to the following expectations:

The stage is 24' deep and 30' wide. There is one entrance from the side at the back of the stage, or a set of stairs leading up each side of the front of the stage. We always have great shows and we don't want you to miss a minute. Therefore, we provide a television backstage so that you can enjoy every single performance! We also have two large dressing rooms with mirrors for you to get ready. And, as always, we have volunteer staff ready to help you get dressed, pinned, and on your way!


Reminder List

Remember to bring some of these commonly forgotten items:


Contact Information

3 ways to contact us: