Layaway Information


Layaway is now available for those purchasing the Full Weekend Package (workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the 3 nights of shows). The general layaway terms are as follows:


Special Yaa Halla Y'all Layaway Plan

Layaway Start Date Initial Payment *Monthly Payments
January $57.00 plus 7 months at $29.00 each
February $56.00 plus 6 months at $34.00 each
March $60.00 plus 5 months at $40.00 each
April $60.00 plus 4 months at $50.00 each
May $59.00 plus 3 months at $67.00 each
June $90.00 plus 2 months at $85.00 each
July $130.00 plus 1 month (August) at $130.00

Please call 1-888-918-4747 if you have any questions or would like to sign up for the layaway plan at this time, as online registration is not yet available. Thank you!