Galaxy Seminar Instructors


Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan - Ma*Shuqa's dance style and teaching repertoire reflect years of study evident in her dazzling performances to Egyptian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Moroccan, Persian, and Lebanese music.  Ma*Shuqa's method of teaching Oriental Dance blends instruction in technique and performance and utilizes a self-discovery format combined with structured scaffolded instruction.  Scaffolded instruction provides a framework for learning.  During instruction Ma*Shuqa brings to light elements of movement that each dancer can reflect upon to understand and develop her own dance style.  The Ma*Shuqa Method includes instruction and awareness of:  body posture, dance stance and weight shifting, foot fall style, dance movement preferences for torso, arms and hands, movement tempo preference, and the 80:20 body undulation that determines individual dance style.   Students taking a workshop with Ma*Shuqa experience "the professional difference, elegance of style".



Frank Farinaro - Frank, a life-long dancer, is Colorado's premiere male bellydancer. Over the past decade, Frank has trained in numerous contemporary and ethnic dance styles. Since 2005, Frank has performed and taught classes and workshops at events in over 18 cities and 6 states across the US. In 2009, Frank won Yaa Halla Y'all's the People's Choice Award Tribal/Alternative Star in Dallas, TX. Frank's current project is developing his signature Hammerhead Sharqi Dance Techinique, a style of dance and dance instruction which focuses on artistic dance fusion, athletic body conditioning and new-age meditative practices.



Mia Sha'uri - Mia Sha'uri is an incredible rising star we have watched blossom over the last 6 years.  Her amazing maturity, talent, diversity and discipline prepared her for her recent title of Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008 and Cabaret Professional Dancer 2009.   Mia's wide range of professional artistic talent including not only Cabaret, but also Tribal, Gypsy, Latin and Bomba, coupled with her dynamic stage presence, make her a crowd favorite everywhere she performs and a shooting star to watch!  Winner of Yaa Halla, Y'all People's Choice Award Cabaret Star Competition in 2008 and 2009!





Karim Nagi - Karim Nagi is a native Egyptian drummer, DJ, and folk dancer. He is the creator of Turbo Tabla, and has released two internationally distributed CDs of this unique brand of Arab House/Electronica using acoustic instruments.  Karim has authored instructional DVDs for the Tabla/Doumbek and Riqq tambourine, as well as two rhythm compilation CDs. He is also well versed in the ultra-traditional styles of music and dance as the leader of the Sharq Arabic Music Ensemble, and the Arab Dance Seminar.  Karim performs and teaches Tahteeb Cane Dance, Dabka Line Dance, and Zikr Sufi Dance.  He has recorded music for Bellydance Superstars, Bellyqueen, and the Bellytwins, as well as mainstream artists like Alicia Keys, and The Urban Griot Project.  His performances boast a dynamic concoction of live drumming and dance, done in unison.  Because of his proficiency in both music and dance, his workshops deliver students to a new physical understanding of the connection between these two disciplines. As a dance and drum teacher, Karim has taught in nearly all major bellydance festivals in the United States and Cairo, as well as all major Arab Culture festivals in the USA.  Karim Nagi is a true crossover artist, uniting the Cabaret and Tribal, Traditional and the Modern, the Ethnic and the Urban.

Moria Chappell - Tribal Bellydance Superstar Moria Chappell travels worldwide performing and teaching the beautiful art of tribal fusion bellydance.  Popular teacher and acclaimed performer, Moria is heralded as an innovator in costume design, stage make-up, and choreography. Her style, both feminine and fierce, commands an intensity and precision that epitomizes tribal fusion isolation and individualism.

Beginning her dance career in Atlanta, GA in 2001 with Awalim Dance Company, Moria moved to San Francisco in 2005 to study with and later join The Suhaila Dance School, The Suhaila Dance Company, and Bal Anat, from which she learned the extreme muscle control and isolation fundamental to her current style.  Later that same year she joined The Bellydance Superstars and began her world travels.

In 2007 Moria taught 30 workshops in over 8 different countries and via The Bellydance Superstars has performed in more than 15 countries worldwide.  In 2008 Moria traveled to Thailand and India to deepen her understanding of yoga, Thai, and Odissi dance.

Janie Midgley - In 1973 Janie took her very first Belly Dance lesson at the South San Francisco Parks and Recreation Dept.  She had always been fascinated with all the old Hollywood movies about harems, Genies, and the like, and had loved the music even longer.  From the first lesson she was hooked, and has been performing this wonderful art form for a little over 30 years.  She has always done all her own costuming, and is now she is a professional Costume Designer and makes her living creating beautiful things.  Her business is Designs By Janie, and her company motto is, "’We sell only what we believe in,’ which means we either own it, have tested it, or make it ourselves.”  Janie is also the author of several books on costuming:  Costuming On A Budget, Building A Belly Dance Wardrobe, How To Put On A Belly Dance Workshop . . . Without Going Crazy, and The Dancer’s Notebook.  Her articles on costuming have appeared in Wiggle Hips, Jareeda, The Belly Dancer Magazine, and Gilded Serpent.  She is now a staff writer for

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