Aladin El Kholy

Aladin El Kholy is a world-renown Egyptian dance choreographer, performer and instructor from Cairo.  Aladin began his professional career as a dancer in the famous Balloon Theatre in Cairo, where he was a member of the Hassan Afifi Group and won an award for best dancer in 1983. He holds degrees in sports education from universities in Cairo, Egypt, and Bonn, Germany.  Aladin has appeared on numerous Egyptian television programs, and regularly tours throughout the Gulf and Europe.  In 1988, Aladin moved to Germany, where he directs and choreographs for his ensemble “El Mahalla - Ensemble Aladin.”  In 2002, he opened a dance studio in Bonn, Germany, where he holds an annual Oriental Dance Festival that is attended by dancers throughout Europe and the USA.   He is co-director of “Tanzproject,” a wonderful teaching project created to elevate and preserve Egyptian dance.  Aladin is also author of “Egyptian Dance.” His classes are energetic and inspiring, and share the true essence of Egyptian dance.



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