Ava Fleming

Ava Fleming brings a truly unique and modern approach to Raqs Sharki. She is an elegant example of today’s classic modern belly dancer.  With her extensive knowledge and experience in international dance styles, she has had the opportunity to perform with Boom Boom Bollywood, Punjabi by Nature, and Domba.  Her ability to capture the intricacies of music and her dedication to this art form has helped her gain the 2004 Bellydancer of the Universe title (Egyptian category), Champion, People’s Choice and Miss Congeniality.  She continues to draw inspiration from her students fresh view points, her resolution to be true to herself, living in her heart, and as always, great music and teachers.  Located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, her unique approach to teaching earned her an invitation to instruct accredited courses at Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community College.  These classes continue to inspire and encourage many new students to enter the world of belly dance.  Ava’s instructional and performance videos have inspired and challenged many who have taken on the task of studying her elegant example of the classical modern belly dancer through which novices and masters alike will gain challenge and insight.



(Source:  http://tribes.tribe.net/hawaiibellydance/)

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