Neena & Veena


Founders, artistic directors, choreographers, and teachers Neena & Veena have performed on hundreds of theater and concert stages, music videos, television, and films worldwide including the American Music Awards, VH-1, ER, The Academy Awards, and Dancing with the Stars. The identical twins have also performed for many celebrities, dignitaries, and royalty, including former prime minister of India, Sting, Bill Gates, Hugh Hefner, and at Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s wedding reception.

The twins grew up performing Bollywood and bhangra dance since the age of three. Born of Indian decent, the twins trained with master instructors extensively in the US and India. Their background in Indian classical dances include numerous years of Bharatnatyam, Kathak, as well as Kuchpudi, and Odissi. They also have made numerous trips to specific regions of India to study various rare styles of dance including Goan style, Kashmiri, and Banjara Gypsy, in which they learned from the authentic gypsies themselves. Recipient of several scholarships, they also have extensive training in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and other various styles of international dance. The twins have also performed and choreographed in several Bollywood films in India.











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