Dancer, choreographer, teacher, director, costume designer, vendor, event sponsor, publisher... the list goes on, and if there is something left to do, this woman will certainly do it!  Known for her fun, energetic shows and her long, fire-engine red hair, Isis owns one of the largest belly dance studios in Texas and hosts one of the largest Middle Eastern dance events in the Southwest, Yaa Halla, Y'all. Along with these accomplishments, she also formed a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, The Isis Foundation, which helps to broaden and enlighten the general public's awareness of related cultural aspects of Oriental Dance. Isis is also the publisher and editor of The Chronicles...A Belly Dancer's Oasis, a magazine which she created in 2003. This amazing business woman is the epitome of multi-faceted success in the industry. Isis is both a pioneer and forerunner in the local and national belly dance community.  
(This excerpt about Isis is from the January/February 2007 edition of Papyrus, author Brandy Bollin. To see the full interview, please click here.)

Isis was the popular featured dancer at Kostas Greek Restaurant in Dallas for 11 years, as well as producing and starring in one of the major stage shows at Scarborough Renaissance Festival for 23 years.

Three of her separate performing companies - The Wings of Isis (in 2005), The Isis Performing Company (in 2006), and The Angels (in 2007), have won both their categories and the Overall Trophy at The Choreography Project for Middle Eastern Dance Annual Troupe Competition in Austin, Texas.

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