What the Stars are Teaching/Requesting you bring:


Moria Chappell - "Serpentine" - Serpentine is a study in the sultry and strong movements that comprise slow tribal dancing.  In this workshop you will earn the flexibility and strength required to make slow, fluid movements that drip from combination to combination.  Bellyrolls, half-sided belly isolation, and reverse bellyrolls will be featured as well as how to integrate these subtle muscular isolations into movements that read strongly on stage.   Liquid arms and body flow, facial and hand expression, as well as maintaining a strong posture from the upper back are emphasized.  You will learn control and isolation while dancing with the grace and strength required for slow techniques.  Visualize receiving movement through one part of your body while keeping the audience’s attention as you send it out to create expression from your face through your fingertips.  Emphasis will be placed on laybacks, flexibility, and some floor-work. Kneepads are recommended there will also be rubber mats available at the convention center.  All levels are welcome.

Karim Nagi - "Maqam and Taqsim for Dancers and Musicians" - Maqam is the Arabic system of scales and melody creation. All songs, whether classical, pop or dance, are created in a Maqam, which dictates whether the song is happy, somber, uplifting, spiritual or sensual. Singing the maqam often helps the dancer feel the emotion created by the distances between each note. We then align notes in the scale with specific body isolations, allowing them to follow a maqam by using their bodily dance vocabulary. Dancers will learn how to recognize, sing and move to maqams by learning famous song examples. Special attention will be given to Taqsim, the art of instrumental solo improvisation. The dancer will practice interpreting the instrumental music into movement and personifying the mood of the music. This workshop is vital for dancers who wish to better interpret melody into movement.



Angelika Nemeth - "An Oriental Opening" - Let Angelika teach you an Oriental opening in her passionate and engaging style.  Besides technique you will gain a deeper understanding of stage presence, as well as stage craft, phrasing and expression so you can connect with your audience for a more gratifying performing experience.  The music is a medley of love songs composed for one of the most popular Egyptian singers of the 1950's and 60's, Abdel Halim Hafez.  A choreography handout and music will be available.  Bring a veil.

Ava Fleming - "Turkish Delight" - Using some of Ava's favorite Turkish music, you will learn fun, upbeat, action packed combos that are full of sass and attitude.  With a translation for every song used, so you know what you are dancing to, Ava will also briefly discuss some of the major differences between current and past Egyptian and Turkish trends.  The combos are perfect to add in most pop song choreographies (yes, even Egyptian/Arabic songs) for a little spice.



Aziza & Issam Houshan - "Dynamic Drum Solo" -  Don't miss this opportunity to experience Aziza's dynamic drum solo workshop!.  As a professional dancer who is constantly traveling the world, her expansive knowledge of this ancient art form enables Aziza to incorporate fresh and exciting new movements into her workshops.  Her undeniable skill and well-organized, relevant and useful material challenges and inspires dancers to reach for the next level.  Accompanied by Aziza's longtime friend, Issam Houshan, one of the world's most famous Middle Eastern percussionists and fellow Yaa Halla, Y'all instructor, this combination of Stars will "rak" your world!

Leyla Jouvana & Roland - "Multiple Layers with Leyla" - Thrilling multi-dimensional Layers a la Leyla Jouvana with geometrical forms (circles, eights, waves, camels) with Arms, Hands, Head, Upper and Lower body and with shimmies. You will be amazed how many layers are possible (up to 8 layers in the same time) with isolation and body control.  For all levels, you can choose how many layers you want or need depending to your personal level. Whether you are just beginning your belly dance journey, or have been dancing for years, this workshop will give you great new material and inspiration for your own performances.



Leyla Jouvana - "Egyptian Choreography to Oum Kalthoum" - Learn an Egyptian choreography from one of Europe's top Oriental performers with an up beat rhythm - to a new version of Alf Leyla wa Leyla, a song made famous by the incomparable Oum Khaltoum!  Oum Khaltoum (1898 – 1975) is remembered in Egypt, the Middle East, and the Arab world as one of the greatest singers and musicians to have ever lived, and her records continue to sell about a million copies a year.  Her songs deal mostly with the universal themes of love, longing and loss.  Her songs were virtuosic, as befit her voice, and romantic and modern in musical style, feeding the prevailing currents in Egyptian popular culture of the time.  Oum Khaltoum has been a significant influence on a number of musicians, both in the Arab World and beyond.  She is known as the Star of the East (kawkab el-sharq).  More than three decades after her death, she is widely regarded as the greatest female singer in Arab music history. (Source: Wikipedia)

Aladin El Kholy - "Authentic Egyptian Style Beladi" - Filled with soulful energy , genuine technique, and charismatic combinations, Aladin El Kholy is a world-wide master workshop instructor in high demand.  Impressive with every step, he transmits the illuminated energy of authentic Egyptian dance.  Author of the book "Egyptian Dance", you will be inspired by this performer and instructor from Cairo, Egypt.




Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan - "Combo Styling Options for Freestyle & Choreography" - Learn 25 (yes, 25!) unique ways to create beautiful and impressive moves to use in freestyle or choreographed routines!  Ma*Shuqa will provide a really great handout to accompany her workshop instruction.  She will show you how to develop a dance style that is YOU!

Frank Farinaro - "Pop Raks" - In this workshop, Frank will teach you how to take Oriental and Tribal style belly dance moves and fuse them with popular dance moves from today's dance club scene.  Then, he will show you how to put them into a fun choreography to a Top 40 dance hit!

Mia Sha'uri - "Veil Choreography"- "You will learn a breathtaking veil choreography with mesmerizing combinations utilizing strong, but subtle, moves as well as some performance tips from Mia Sha'uri of Puerto Rico, one of the brightest rising stars of Belly Dance.  Be sure to bring a veil!



Moria Chappell - "Odissi Indian Temple Dance" - Odissi Indian Temple is a multi-thousand year old Hindu devotional classical dance that has been passed from Guru to disciple for generations.  Dismissed and now resurging, this sacred dance is inspired by yoginis and temple dancers carved into stone.  The magnificent curves of these statues still whisper their secrets to women who seek the mystery of their own divine embodiment.  Moria Chappell has been traveling to India extensively since 2007 to study this art in location via gurus and sons of the discipline.  In this new workshop, Moria teaches some of the more potent Indian stances and footwork along with mudras and facial expressions as they can be fused into Tribal Fusion aesthetic and performance.

Karim Nagi - "Arab Folk Dance Intensive" - This class is an intensive introduction to the traditional group dances from the Arab world for Men and Women. These dances are primarily unisex, and emphasize synchronicity and group cohesion. This workshop includes Dabki Line Dance, Basic Tahteeb/Assaya Cane Dance, and the group-healing ritual motions found in Zikr and Zar practices. Each dance is taught efficiently as an introduction to the style, and is an initiation into possible future study. These dances are less glamourous than the performance-oriented heroism of the solo dances found in the Arab world. These are the dances done by "The People" in social, celebratory, and spiritual group settings. They can be taught to dancers at any level, as both a cultural and artistic experience. The group movements and concepts can later be extrapolated into performance-calibre skills and themes. Students should bring a cane or stick (whatever size they prefer), and shoes or sneakers for the Dabki (no sandals).

Janie Midgley - "Costuming On A Budget" - Need a belly dance costume, but don't have the hundreds of dollars to buy one?  Make it!  Learn the tricks of using odd items to make great costumes - like earrings from a cigarette case.  Learn to take thrift store, flea market, and yard sale items and turn them into fabulous costume pieces!  The joy of making your own costume is having it fit you and your personal style.  Janie Midgley comes from the time in belly dance before vendors brought a cornucopia of choices to belly dance events . . . you either made your own costumes or you had them made.  Learn some of her tricks and pick her brain!



Amaya - "Amaya's Hips On Fire" - Learn the new "HOT" Drum Solo Choreography from Amaya's brand new DVD, Amaya's Hips On Fire!  Be the first to learn the newest creation by the Awesome Amaya, known for her mesmerizing dance style!!!  Register by July 31st and get a FREE MUSIC CD!  Special promo by the lovely Amaya.


Issam Houshan - Saturday, August 20, 2011 - Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced Doumbek

Roland - Sunday, August 21, 2011 - Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced Doumbek

Aziza & Issam Houshan - “Dancing with Zills to Live Drums for Drummers and Dancers”:  In this workshop, musicians and dancers will learn how to compliment each other when performing with zills, the importance of pauses when playing zills, and how to use your zills as musical instruments, instead of just props.  Bring your drum and/or zills!

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