Ansuya is considered one of the most talented and accomplished performers, choreographers, instructors, and entrepreneurs in the Bellydance world today. As a soloist she is known for being a master of improvisation, musical interpretation, emotional expression, and costume design. Her performances are energetic, sensual and innovative – captivating audiences and inspiring students around the world to enjoy her shows and study her talents. She is an IAMED Best Cabaret Dancer of the year and a three time Golden Belly Award winner for Best Cabaret Dancer of the year.

Online Bellydance Classes with Ansuya at, has her reaching her worldwide fan base on a weekly basis providing them with top of the line Bellydance training with a fun TV show feel. With top selling instructional DVD’s on the market, acting experience including roles on Judging Amy and Days of Our Lives, and countless on camera press interviews, this was a natural progression for Ansuya. Her brand new dance company “Gypsy Sugar” showcases her unique style which she calls “Cabaribalusion”. This eclectic name blends Cabaret, Tribal and Fusion techniques (including Indian, Spanish, African, Gypsy, and Modern Egyptian) with her own innovations to create an extensive and impressive vocabulary that she uses in her choreographies.