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Jill Parker -

Morning Workshop - "Liberation! - Traveling Hip Movements For The Tribal/Fusion/Belly Dancer" - In this classic Jill Parker workshop, you will gain insight into her trendsetting approach to belly dance. You will be asked to execute energetic drills across the floor designed to bring awareness to control, timing, and finesse. Jill's movement style is supple, articulate, fluid, sensual and well timed. With 20 plus years of teaching Jill is masterful at building material sequentially, enabling students access to accelerated learning. You'll find her workshop environment insightful, challenging, supportive and most of all fun. Your traveling hips will be stunning!

Afternoon Workshop - "The Real Nitty Gritty" - Accessing authenticity in your dance, exploring roots, musicality, and creative exercises to help you expand into the depths of your own practice and performance. In this workshop, Jill offers her vast knowledge of how to connect with the music and audience through dance and create a truly unique and authentic performance. This workshop will challenge both physically and intellectually as a dancer, performer and artist to find your inner best and bring it to every performance!



Sadie - "Pops, Locks & Shimmies" - This workshop follows the teaching format developed exclusively by Sadie & Kaya.  You will be introduced to several concepts that will unleash your true potential to execute sharper, cleaner, stronger movements and isolations as you are guided through a series of drills working with range of motion, then creating locks, pops and shimmy variations.

Kaeshi Chai - “Alf Leyla wi Leyla” - Learn a dynamic Egyptian choreography to one of the most popular bellydance classics of all time. Kaeshi will fuel your imagination with powerful visuals to harness earth and sky energy and share momentum drills to create effortless movement. You will also learn dramatic poses, travel steps to both 4/4 and 6/8 rhythm, taksim patterns, and cover slow, fast and layered shimmies.



Ansuya - "Sensualize Your Bellydance" - Melt into this class as Ansuya draws out your inner sensuality, and shows you how to reflect it with grace as you belly dance.  Using taxims, tribal, Spanish, and modern dance movements, Ansuya will unlock your chakras and set you free!

Fahtiem - "Signature Moves for Travel Steps & Layering . . . How to Look Good Doing Them!" - Beginning with Fahtiem's trademark "BellyDance BootCamp Technique", you can expect intensive cardiovascular benefits while having fun with the sensual exciting art form by combining dance technique with body conditioning.



Bozenka"Bozenka Choreography and Performance" - Learn a fun and upbeat choreography filled with beautiful movement to one of today's most popular Greek songs and take this opportunity to perform with other students alongside Bozenka on Yaa Halla, Y'all's stage in the evening show!  Performance is not mandatory to enroll in class.  Technique will be broken down and a lot of attention to detail and movement.  Get ready for a very fun class!  Students interested in performing should bring a two piece costume (red or turquoise) and be prepared to have an informal rehearsal after the workshop before the evening's performance.

Sahra Saeeda - "The Truth About Egyptian Drum Solos!" - The drum solo is a base of indigenous Cairo home-style dance.  With accents and flair bring "home-style" to your exciting performance drum solo 'Faddi'.  Ideas for stage, accents and dynamics, rhythm based combos - all Cairo style!


Thursday (Cabaret)


Layla Luna - You will learn two performance ready pieces which will get you hired and wow audiences anywhere.  Layla will teach an Egyptian style routine complete with veil entrance. plus a rockin' edgy drum solo, and by the end of the class you'll be able to perform it, sell it and make it your own.  Layla will also let you in on tricks of the trade, tips on how to get hired, performance technique, how to master a huge stage and find success at a professional level.  Bring a veil to this class!!

Michelle Farfesha - "Layering Your Moves" - Building on the essential elements of the dance, Michelle takes the student to the next level of moving:  Layering - a challenge for the mind as well as the body!

Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan - "Taqsim and Tarab: Maqams, Musicality, and Movement" - Have you ever wondered how to achieve Tarab (the emotional connection to the music) when dancing?  This workshop provides information about the structure of maqams, of the elements that make up musicality, and of the stylistic elements of Middle Eastern music.  This workshop also covers musicality of Taqsims and dance movement: sweet movement, sustaining movement, overlaying shimmies on undulations, restraining movement, call and answer, and stomach rolls and undulations.

Friday (Tribal)


Frank Farinaro - "Ultimate World Fusion Drum Solo Choreography" - In this workshop, we will learn an exciting choreography to a drum solo that incorporates elements of Oriental and Tribal bellydance, Polynesian Hula, Afro-Brazilian Samba, Bhangra, Odissi, Hip Hop, Salsa, and other dances from across the globe.

ShoShannah - "Seamless Fusion" - This is a unique workshop that borrows principles and techniques from modern, ballet, lyrical, belly dance and yoga to help every level of dancer polish and bridge movements together seamlessly.  During the course of this workshop, we will not only review various techniques and principles; but, we will also flow through fluid combinations that you can incorporate into your belly dance repertoire.

Ansuya - "Upbeat Indian Bellydance " - Join Ansuya as she takes you through this flirtatious, sensual, and invigorating choreography!  Featuring Bellydance moves mixed with Indian flavoring, you will leave class with a deeper understanding of fusion, inspiration for adding personality to your dance, and, of course, a bunch of new combos!



Amaya - "Old World Traditional Steps and Ancient Moves" - Join Amaya in exploring ancient moves to traditional music that includes Ethnic Taxim, mizmar and rebaba sounds, and Organic Styles of the past.  Handouts and music will be available.


Susu Pampanin - Saturday, August 18, 2012 - Beginner/ Intermediate & Advanced Doumbek

Carmine Guida - Sunday, August 19, 2012 - Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced Doumbek

Susu Pampanin & Zaina Zahesha - “Dancing with Zills to Live Drums for Drummers and Dancers”:  In this workshop, musicians and dancers will learn how to compliment each other when performing with zills, the importance of pauses when playing zills, and how to use your zills as musical instruments, instead of just props.  Bring your drum and/or zills!

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