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Layaway Information for
4-Drum Workshop Package!




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Questions or phone orders call 1-888-918-4747

--All payments are final, no refunds--

All registrations include an invitation to perform; however, spaces are limited,
so please email us at yaahalla@aol.com to request your PERFORMER REGISTRATION
quickly to reserve your space.

All Workshops will be held at Grapevine Convention Center


Four (4) Drum Workshop Package**
Regular Price: $260.00
Sign up before June 1, 2012: $199.00*
(*Plus one time Layaway Charge of $10.00)
**Includes Complete Saturday & Sunday Drum Workshops and Shows
(This package does not include Dance Seminars or Zill RhythmsWorkshop)    

Layaway Information


Layaway is now available for those purchasing the Four (4) Drum Workshop Package (drum workshops on  Saturday and Sunday with the 2 nights of shows). The Four (4) Drum Workshop Package does NOT include Dance Seminars or Zill Rhythms Workshop.  The general layaway terms are as follows:

  • Make initial payment (please see chart below for details) according to the month you begin payments.

  • Monthly layaway payments will be automatically billed to your credit card on the 10th of each month; however, the final payment will be billed on August 1st, not the 10th.

  • Small one-time handling fee of $10.00 will be charged.

  • Must be completely paid off by August 1, 2012.

  • Auto Pay is required for all Layaways

  • No refunds, all payments final


Special Yaa Halla Y'all 2012
Four (4) Drum Workshop Package

(Saturday & Sunday)
Layaway Plan

Layaway Start Date Initial Payment Monthly Payments*

Prices Below Are For Pre-June 1, 2012 Layaway ($199 plus $10 layaway fee)

September 2011 $ 33.00 plus 11 months at $ 16.00
October 2011 $ 29.00 plus 10 months at $ 18.00
November 2011 $ 29.00 plus 9 months at $ 20.00
December 2011 $ 33.00 plus 8 months at $ 22.00
January 2012 $ 27.00 plus 7 months at $ 26.00
February 2012 $ 29.00 plus 6 months at $ 30.00
March 2012 $ 29.00 plus 5 months at $ 36.00
April 2012 $ 29.00 plus 4 months at $ 45.00
May 2012 $ 29.00 plus 3 months at $ 60.00

Prices Below Are For Post-June 1, 2012 Layaway ($260 plus $10 layaway fee)

June 2012 $ 90.00 plus 2 months at $ 90.00
July 2012 $135.00 plus 1 month at $135.00

Please keep in mind that monthly payments will be automatically charged to your credit card on the 10th of each month (*August payment will be billed on August 1st), regardless of the day of the month you begin your layaway. 
By making your initial layaway payment, you agree to the above terms and those listed on the printable Layaway Agreement form.  If you agree and would like to enroll in the Yaa Halla Y'all 2012 Layaway Plan, please print out and follow the instructions on the Layaway Agreement form (see link below) and also click on the link below to register and make your first payment.

**After you make your initial Layaway payment, you will receive an ORDER NUMBER on your receipt.  Please sign and use the order number on your printed agreement and mail or fax the entire agreement to the address or fax number on page two of the agreement.**

Please be sure to include valid contact information and to print a receipt for your records. 

Print out the Full Weekend Drum Package Layaway Agreement form in .pdf format here. (Form will open in a new window.)

Please call 1-888-918-4747 if you have any questions or would like to sign up for the layaway plan by phone.  Thank you!

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