Galaxy Seminar Instructors


Kede - Kede, one of the founding members of the Wings of Isis, is a national award winning professional Middle Eastern dancer specializing in American Cabaret and Fusion styles. Kede began dancing at age three, and has studied many different styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, Polynesian, can-can, and ballroom.  She began Middle Eastern dance at age 13 and has been in love with , advanced technique, art form ever since. Kede is a featured performer at many area festivals and restaurants, and has performed belly dance internationally. Kede is a natural on stage, offering elaborate choreography, advanced technique, and an energetic personality that captivates her audiences.
Kede has won several national titles including an award for her group choreography at the Choreography Project for Middle Eastern Dance for two different troupes, Wiggles of the West Mini Ensemble of the Year 2010, and the Yellow Rose of Texas Belly Dance Competition Professional Cabaret Solo Winner 2011. She is a sought after workshop teacher specializing in choreography and adding drama to one’s dance style.



Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan - Ma*Shuqa's dance style and teaching repertoire reflect years of study evident in her dazzling performances to Egyptian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Moroccan, Persian, and Lebanese music.  Ma*Shuqa's method of teaching Oriental Dance blends instruction in technique and performance and utilizes a self-discovery format combined with structured scaffolded instruction.  Scaffolded instruction provides a framework for learning.  During instruction Ma*Shuqa brings to light elements of movement that each dancer can reflect upon to understand and develop her own dance style.  The Ma*Shuqa Method includes instruction and awareness of:  body posture, dance stance and weight shifting, foot fall style, dance movement preferences for torso, arms and hands, movement tempo preference, and the 80:20 body undulation that determines individual dance style.   Students taking a workshop with Ma*Shuqa experience "the professional difference, elegance of style".


  Mia Sha'uri - Mia Sha'uri is an incredible rising star we have watched blossom over the last 6 years.  Her amazing maturity, talent, diversity and discipline prepared her for her recent title of Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008 and Cabaret Professional Dancer 2009.   Mia's wide range of professional artistic talent including not only Cabaret, but also Tribal, Gypsy, Latin and Bomba, coupled with her dynamic stage presence, make her a crowd favorite everywhere she performs and a shooting star to watch!  Winner of Yaa Halla, Y'all People's Choice Award Cabaret Star Competition in 2008 and 2009!  



Silvia Salamanca - Silvia Salamanca is an internationally acclaimed performer and instructor
from Mallorca, Spain.

A life-long dancer, she graduated at the age of nineteen as a major in ballet
and performed professionally as a modern dancer in major Europe festivals
with the contemporary dance company of the University of Barcelona.

She started her career as a belly dancer in 2001, when realizing the
enormous benefits that this art-form brings to women in both body and soul.
As a natural evolution in her journey, Silvia discovered tribal fusion in the
USA and combined it with a deep research into her own cultural roots:
spanish gypsy and arabic. Hence with her work in the field of Zambra
Mora (spanish gypsy-oriental dance fusion) Silvia gained international
recognition and is currently invited to teach workshops and perform in major
festivals world-wide, including being twice headliner for the Contest of the
Bellydancer of the world in Germany, and being featured as the local talent
for the Bellydance Superstars shows in October 2011 –Houston.

Silvia is also the director of Shunyata Belly Dance, a nationally awarded
tribal fusion company and a proud member of Urban Gypsy, Houston’s
premiere ATS troupe.


Mira Betz - The multi-faceted career of Mira Betz is a testament to her passionate artistry and desire for continual growth. Active in theater, dance and the performing arts for 20 years, Mira Betz has become a sought after dancer, choreographer, costumer, and teacher.

Mira began her training in Middle Eastern dance as a young teen studying with some of the most respected and knowledgeable teachers of our time, such as Katarina Burda, Jamila Salimpour, and Suhaila Salimpour. As a founding member, choreographer, and solo performer of Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company for 10 years, she developed a solid foundation of contemporary, traditional, as well as ritualistic dance forms. Aywah!, under the direction of Katarina Burda, flourished to become one of the San Francisco Bay Area's most respected ethnic dance companies and significantly influenced today'sTribal Fusion scene. In 1998 Mira went abroad to live and study the native dances of Morocco.

In 2007 she co-founded the Barbary Coast Shakedown, a collaboration of Middle Eastern dance professionals exploring theatrical dance performance. She has had the pleasure of working with incredible talent such as David Byrne, Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, Zoe Jakes, Elizabeth Strong, Heather Stants, Amy Sigil and many more. Mira Betz received her B.F.A. from the California College of Arts and Crafts. Her dance background includes training in Salsa, Modern, Jazz, and Flamenco. Mira continues to spread her experience, knowledge and love for dance through her captivating performance and engaging teaching style.




Amaya - An internationally acclaimed dance performer, Amaya has danced all her life and in many facets of show business. She has traveled extensively throughout nineteen different countries teaching and performing. She produces the annual “Wise Woman Dance Retreat” in New Mexico.  As a performer, Amaya’s dance is filled with passion and fire, tempered with elegance and flashes of fun.  Twenty-eight years of teaching has helped Amaya in expertly instructing the beginning dancer to the professional dancer by incorporating basic level steps to “super-embellished” moves while using dynamic music — all mixed with a healthy dose of humor and life philosophies. This combination provides all level seminar attendees with a satisfying, challenging workshop experience.  Amaya is sharing her enormous font of knowledge and experience to enable the Professional and/or Semi-Pro to maximize their talents, potential, and business acumen in their exposure to the dance scene.

  Frank Farinaro - Frank, a life-long dancer, is Colorado's premiere male bellydancer. Over the past decade, Frank has trained in numerous contemporary and ethnic dance styles. Since 2005, Frank has performed and taught classes and workshops at events in over 18 cities and 6 states across the US. In 2009, Frank won Yaa Halla Y'all's the People's Choice Award Tribal/Alternative Star in Dallas, TX. Frank's current project is developing his signature Hammerhead Sharqi Dance Techinique, a style of dance and dance instruction which focuses on artistic dance fusion, athletic body conditioning and new-age meditative practices. 

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