An internationally acclaimed dance performer, Amaya has danced all her life and in many facets of show business. She has traveled extensively throughout nineteen different countries teaching and performing. She produces the annual “Oriental Potpourri” and hosts an intensive but intimate retreat called the "Wise Woman Retreat" in New Mexico.

As a performer, Amaya’s dance is filled with passion and fire, tempered with elegance and flashes of fun. Her dance is an unusual showcase of Spanish/Arabic styling with soul-stirring taksims.

Thirty years of teaching has helped Amaya to expertly instruct from the beginning dancer to the professional dancer by incorporating basic level steps to “super-embellished” moves while using dynamic music — all mixed with a healthy dose of humor and life philosophies. This combination provides all level seminar attendees with a satisfying, challenging workshop experience.

Says international dancer Super Star, Suhail Salimpour, "Amaya is a artist and a woman with the richness of emotion that only comes from the depths of her soul.  After each performance, I can feel who she is as a woman . . . it isn't just a mere performance."

(Source:  Amaya Wise Woman Dancer)

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