Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan








Ma*Shuqa's dance style and teaching repertoire reflect years of study evident in her dazzling performances to Egyptian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Moroccan, Persian, and Lebanese music.  Ma*Shuqa's method of teaching Oriental Dance blends instruction in technique and performance and utilizes a self-discovery format combined with structured scaffolded instruction.  Scaffolded instruction provides a framework for learning.  During instruction Ma*Shuqa brings to light elements of movement that each dancer can reflect upon to understand and develop her own dance style.  The Ma*Shuqa Method includes instruction and awareness of:  body posture, dance stance and weight shifting, foot fall style, dance movement preferences for torso, arms and hands, movement tempo preference, and the 80:20 body undulation that determines individual dance style.   Students taking a workshop with Ma*Shuqa experience "the professional difference, elegance of style".


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