Dance Workshop Preparation and Survival Tips



Prior to Workshop


·        Evaluate your footwear needs.

o   What type of flooring?

o   Can you survive all day barefoot?  If not, do you have footwear that is suitable for venue?  If not, you should purchase your footwear at a Dance store.  If you don’t need much support, socks or simple ballet shoes may be acceptable.  If you need more support, jazz shoes or sneakers may be more appropriate.  Purchasing on-line may be cheaper; but, you should get fitted in the style that you want first.

·        Look at the proposed workshop subject

o   Will you need to bring a yoga mat and/or prop(s) to the workshop and do you have a yoga mat and/or prop?  If you don’t have a yoga mat and/or prop, will you be able to purchase or borrow it at the workshop?  You may at least want to bring a towel if you don’t have a yoga mat.

o   Are you familiar with the dance style?  If not, you may want to view YouTube© videos (or DVDs) so that you have a better understanding of what will be presented.

·        Get in shape.  Prepare your body for long workouts by increasing the number of workouts, lengthening your workouts, or increasing the intensity.

·        Get plenty of rest the days before the workshop.

·        Purchase snacks, such as raisins (or other dried fruit), peanuts, energy bars, etc., and bottled water to bring with you to the workshop.


Things to Pack


·        Workshop Receipt

·        Water – unless provided by workshop

·        Yoga mat and/or prop(s), if needed

·        Footwear

·        Snacks

·        Notebook and pen

·        Sweat towel

·        Money/credit card for food and vendor purchases


Day of Workshop


·        Eat a good breakfast, preferably include some protein to help sustain your metabolism

·        Dress in layers, so that you can “skinny down” when you’re dancing, and put on a cover after you have cooled down.


During the Workshop


·        Drink lots & lots of water; have a light snack at the break

·        Take breaks when you need to, even if the instructor is moving on

·        Take notes, take notes, take notes, in your notebook

·        Remember that not all instructors use the same dance terminology – concentrate on the move/combo that the instructor is performing, not the word that she calls it – take notes in words that you understand


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