What the Stars are Teaching/Requesting you bring:
(We are updating as fast as we can - Please check back if there is no information on the workshop you are interested in!!)


Thursday - Props (Celestial)

Aneena - [Double Veil]  More details coming. Please bring two veils - preferably semi-circular veils.

Silvia Salamanca - "Sword!  Let’s Bellydance with a Sword!" (all levels) - Let the power of dancing with a sword infuse your bellydance strength! In this workshop, targeted for all levels, we will learn everything you need to create a beautiful dance number using a sword as a prop! From presenting it in graceful ways, to balancing it in different areas of your body, to a whole series of steps, spins and combinations that are guaranteed to leave any audience speechless!  Please bring a sword.

Mia Sha'uri - "Captivating Fan Veil Concoctions" - Learn some flattering and funky fan veil combinations that will add texture to your performance. We will cover a range of styles, from soft and subtle to strong and daring, that will serve to inspire dancers from various technical backgrounds".  Please bring two fan veils.

Thursday - Tribal/Fusion (Galaxy)

Kata Maya - "Balancing Out Your Dancing" (Fusion/Cabaret) - When approaching a new style, it is often difficult for a dancer to know where to start. Differences can vary from a new muscle, a new move, to a whole new set of foundations and vocabulary. This workshop is designed to help balance out a dancer’s ability to flow convincingly between different styles of dance. Kata Maya will cover foundational distinctions between Cabaret and Fusion dancing, incorporating both into a short choreography that will bounce between Cabaret and Fusion style. This workshop is open to all dancers interested in growing with what is comfortable, or exploring what is new.

Draconis - "Dubstep, the Fusion Dancer's Drum Solo!" (Fusion) -  Dubstep is a great style of music to freestyle to as a fusion dancer, but it can be tricky to choreograph. In this workshop we'll break apart the layers of a dubstep song and discuss how to go about interpreting the music, make an attractive performance piece, and techniques for choreographing that can be used with any techno song! We'll emphasize on layers, musicality, combinations and stylizations. Whether you want a funky, fully-choreographed routine, or just a better understanding of your music when you go to freestyle with it, this workshop is right for you. 1-2 years previous belly dance experience recommended.

Karlos Khalil - "In To The Skin" (Drama Belly Fusion) - Express your soul in this workshop and learn how to capture and express the  emotions we feel when interpreting a piece of music.  Karlos will use various techniques and combinations of modern bellydance, with a touch of contemporary dance, to help you achieve that “goose bumps on your arms” feeling when everything pulls together for your dramatic performance!

Thursday (Constellation)

Janie Midgley - "Costume Construction - 'Boobology'"I will teach my method of covering bras. In fact, I will cover a bra right in front of you! The way I do it, you do not have to buy a size larger.  I will show, by example, other ways to cover bras too. I will also teach you how to embellish the bra for the most flattering effect. How to accent what you have and how to make a little look like a lot with camouflage. My goal is for my students to have COMFORTABLE and BEAUTIFUL Bras to dance in. There are lots of examples for the students to look at, both finished and under construction. 

Students do not need to bring a thing. However, if you want to cover a bra with me, bring a comfortable bra that fits well and the fabric you would like to use. Students may also bring any bras they are working on, that may be giving them problems. There will also be a hand-out.  And I will be unveiling the new book "Boobology 101: Making a Belly Dance Bra ..... plus Belts to Match"

Thursday (Comfort Inn Conference Room)

Olivia "Inaya" Medlock - "Hoop Dance" In this workshop, we will learn the basics of hula hooping both on- and off-body with adult-sized hoops. We will also learn several belly dance and fusion moves and combos incorporating the hoop. This workshop is great for both first-time hoopers and for experienced hoopers looking to add belly dance flair to their flow. A single medium to large-sized hoop is best, and there will be plenty of extra hoops available to try out if you don’t yet have your own. Hoops available for purchase.*

Friday - Cabaret (Celestial)


Ansuya - "Cabaret Drum Solo Choreography" - Learn a 'knock your hips off full tilt' drum solo choreography designed to stun your audience with every trick in the Bellydance book.

Kaeshi Chai - "Innovative Veil and Performance Skills" - Join Kaeshi for two topics she has been passionately exploring for most of her bellydance career as a soloist and choreographer.  1. Innovative Veil Techniques: Learn how you can use a veil for more than just floating and framing. You will learn some of Kaeshi’s favorite flourishes, throws, holds, binds, snaps, wraps and combinations. By the end of this workshop your veil will become a tool for transformation. (Please bring a 3 yard veil.) 2. Performance Skills: Express the full range of human emotions using bellydance and expand your presence to connect with an audience using breath, eye contact, intention and universal gestures to convey meaning. Kaeshi is an original member of the Bellydance Superstars, danced at Aladdin’s Desert Passage in Las Vegas, curates weekly Djam NYC bellydance shows at Jebon Sushi restaurant and has toured extensively in four different theatrical bellydance shows, Bellyqueen’s “Journey Along the Silk Road”, “PURE Reflections: Beauty Reimagined” and Bellydance Evolution’s “Immortal Desires” and  “Dark Side of the Crown”. She will share her insights gained from her varied performing experiences and demystify how to capture “duende”, or a certain magic, authenticity and soul when sharing your art. Whether your stage is space between a restaurant, or a theater with 2000 seats, you will gain skills to become a more magnetic performer. This workshop is appropriate for dancers of all levels and styles. No prior acting experience necessary.

Friday (Galaxy)

Sharon Kihara - "The Underworld"  - Continuing to navigate the subtle communication of dance through the practice of Ankoku Butoh, Yoga, and Somatic Awareness.  This workshop is perfect for any dancer or artist wishing for skills to help them find an authentic voice, create honest, inspired work, and deepen their comfort in their own skin.  Through challenging theatrical exercises, fun games and experimentation, dancers will learn to engineer the reality that comprises the dance space.  No special dance or theater experience is necessary, only a wide open mind and a sense of curiosity.  This class is open to and suitable for all levels of  inspired dancer!

Silvia Salamanca - "A Tribal-Fusion Bellydance Routine to a Modern Flamenco Song" (intermediate to advanced)  - What do you get when you mix the ancient arts of bellydance and flamenco with the nowadays artists? Come and find out! In the present workshop, we will learn a new routine based in tribal bellydance that mixes a flamenco flavor in it. Breaking down the technique in posture, hands and arm work that will make you move like a snake, we will proceed to build-up combinations to complete a short choreography to one of the most innovative flamenco-fusion bands in Spain.

Miguel Crespo - Friday, August 15, 2014 - Intermediate & Advanced Doumbek

Saturday - Cabaret (Celestial)


Sadie - "Oriental Technique and Choreography" - Enter the elegant and enchanting world of Oriental style dance! For many aspiring dancers, this is where the MAGIC really happens. Sadie will guide you on an exploration of movement from the traditional to the modern which include dynamic poses, lyrical spins and turns, rhythmic shimmies and staccato body isolations. The complexity of the music will allow you to tap into and express an array of poetic movement and emotion. No matter your style, there is something for everyone in this workshop. Oriental speaks to all who enjoy and love Bellydance.

Virginia - "Balady "Awady" Balady Buid Up with Virginia & Amir Sofi" - For the first time in the world Virginia & Amir Sofi will teach the latest worldwide craze Balady Awady (Balady Build Up)!  One of the most important styles to have in your repertoire Virginia and Amir will teach a workshop with pertinent information on how to identify the style of music, the composition and arrangement for this style of music, and even how to predict the next movement of music.  Virginia will share  both classic and modern steps along with her stunning stylization, choreography and combinations to give you the dancer all the necessary tools to choreograph or improvise a Balady Build up for yourself.  Interpretive exercises and techniques will be utilized to seamlessly connect your body to the music creating an unforgettable and magical performance.

Saturday - Tribal/Fusion (Galaxy)

Ansuya - "Tribal Fusion Choreography" - Go deep into the sensuality of Bellydance by seamlessly gliding from Cabaret to Tribal style sinuosity with intense accents as you learn this Tribal Fusion choreography designed to hypnotize your audience.

Sharon Kihara - "Tribal Fusion Strengthening (Technical clinic)" - Let’s get in there and clean our technique!  This clinic is perfect for the Tribal Fusion dancer wishing to add to their skill set, or for any experienced dancer desiring more polish and refinement for their performances.  Starting with a very warming drill session, we will work through the entire body top to toes, cleaning our lines and finding our balance in order to execute more advanced moves such as fast turns and spins, clean musical layers and accents, flutters and more.  Includes travelling across the floor, mat work, and yoga.

Saturday - (Comfort Inn Conference Room)

Frank Farinaro - "Urban Zaar" - In some cultures of the Middle East, different forms of trance dances are practiced to restore balance and harmony in the mind, body, and soul.  They experience their stresses as alive and manifest them as spirits that are communicated with and appeased.  In this East-meets-West workshop, we will take elements from ancient trance dances and pair them with modern rhythms and mind-body concepts, to create a uniquely personal experience.  Dance your demons on stage, or meditate with them at home.  Come create a dance that gets to the heart of the matter.

Faisal Zedan - Saturday, August 16, 2014 - Intermediate & Advanced Doumbek

Sunday - Cabaret (Celestial)

Bozenka"Beautiful Movement by Bozenka" - In this early morning workshop, you will first be guided through gentle, elongating stretches and a complete head to toe warm-up to inspiring music from Bozenka's favorite selection compiled especially for this workshop. Special attention to aesthetics (body alignment), arm positions, graceful and expressive hand movements and traveling steps will be the focus of this workshop. Everything covered will be put into combinations and drills across the floor.  Bring flow and beauty to your dance and attention to your core...putting the belly back into bellydance.  Don't miss this opportunity to experience Bozenka's generous and nurturing teaching style!

Ava Fleming - "The Soul of 'Roxanne'" - Make your dance powerful, meaningful AND stage worthy by learning a few of the key elements behind Ava's "Roxanne" performance.  Be prepared to work your brain, body and your heart, as this workshop is designed to make your dance stronger by integrating individual personal styles with the reviewed elements.  Touching on stage dynamics, arms, simplicity and more, you will be guided through movement drills encompassing new techniques, stage dynamics, emotional connection to the music and your heart to the audience.

Sunday - Mix (Galaxy)


Sal Maktoub - "Samba Brasileira!" - Come experience the sound and rhythm of Brazil! Learn the basic steps, movements, tricks, and attitude of Brazilian Samba. This workshop will start off slowly to get everyone comfortable, and will gradually progress as we speed up the music! Also, learn to apply and incorporate this dance into your belly dancing.

Jennifer - "Rebellious Bodied Dancer" -  Safer Belly dance Technique for the Injury Conscious or the Rebellious Bodied Dancer - This workshop is for dancers who suffer through pain and injury or even better, want to take measures NOW to prevent harm later. We will go over the most common injuries we suffer as belly dancers and variations in our technique that will help and even rid pain if they add it to their dance practice (I am a double scoliosis, straight necked dancer). My athletic background and training are what have led me to develop this technique which is all about making dance feel good with our bodies. (open to all levels).

Mia Sha'uri & Miguel Crespo - "Zill Rhythms & Combinations" - This dynamic workshop, for both Dancers & Drummers, will start with a review of basic rhythms, that covers variations, notation and exercises to help develop augmented playing ability.   Following that will be a break down on how to construct a zill and tabla musical piece.  The workshop will cover material for the beginner student, as well as, challenging elements for the more experienced participants. This workshop is sure to be both inspiring and energizing for those who attend.

Sunday (Celestial)

Amaya - "Lunch with The Legends" - Producer and Internationally known dancer, Amaya, shares clips and discusses the featured Legends, the history and the legacy to the world that American dancers have provided.  Hear of behind-the-scenes stories as this video was complied.   See clips of the Legends on the big screen. Many of the Legends have passed onto the “big stage in the sky” and this video will help the novice dancer (and more) better understand the history and the path our dance has taken over the years to be where we are today.  Recommended to all fans, dancers, studio owners, professional dancers, musicians, aficionados.  To know your history is to understand your craft.  FREE!  Open to general public.  Legends DVDs will also be available for sale at a discounted price during this lecture.

Amir Sofi - Sunday, August 17, 2014 - Intermediate & Advanced Doumbek

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