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Due to the complexity of "personal" fitting, Belly Dance Treasures will not sell bra and belt sets (Bedlahs), dresses, or full Egyptian costumes online. Of course, items currently online will remain available for purchase at Belly Dance Treasures, we just prefer that you try them on and are completely satisfied with your purchase.

We firmly believe that if you live in our area or visit our beautiful city and have time to come
shop with us, you will leave with a true treasure you will love and enjoy for many years.

For special attention, please call in advance. Especially if you are looking for something in particular.
We also suggest that you bring along any items you are trying to match.
There are seamstresses available to make alterations, if needed.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

SHIPPING:  Due to the US Postal Service rate changes, the shipping costs provided on your order
may not be accurate. However, you will be contacted if shipping rates are different, prior to your order being
charged and shipped.  Please be sure to provide an email or a phone number where you can easily be
contacted in case this situation arises.  We can also text you if you prefer.

  Thank you.

Costumes made by dancers, for dancers!

At Belly Dance Treasures, we offer a variety of Middle Eastern dance costumes and accessories
along with: Swords, DVDs, jewelry, CDs, and Saroyan Master Craft Zills. 

Everyone can enjoy shopping our store online or at our physical location in the heart of the
Dallas/Fort Worth area. We accommodate all shapes and sizes, so please let us know if you need
something special or need something altered. 

We also have gift cards available to make birthday, anniversary and Christmas shopping a
joyful and less stressful experience!

Belly Dance Treasures

Contact us! You can reach us by calling 1.817.498.7703,

by email at  or

by U S Postal Service at: 
PO Box 311  Colleyville, TX 76034

Thank you for shopping online with Belly Dance Treasures!


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