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Ansuya is a second-generation, internationally recognized superstar of bellydance! She is known for her energetic, sensual, emotionally expressive, and improvised performances.

Along with promoting dance fusion as one of many effective ways to bridge cultural gaps, Ansuya is passionate about the sensual empowerment of women. She is dedicated to linking bellydance and yoga to Kundalini Rising by sharing an understanding of how fusing these practices is next level effective at flowing Prana (life force) through the chakras and nadis in order to bring each woman into her full goddess power as she connects with the feminine divine in the blissful samadhi of ecstatic dance.

Ansuya has traveled the world multiple times to teach and perform and has thousands of students across the globe! She is a multiple award winner, carries the title "Superstar of Bellydance", is a SAG-AFTRA actress with television credits, has appeared on numerous news and talk shows, has performed in distinguished theaters including the Follies Berger in Paris, France, is a 200HR RYT Registered Multi-Style Yoga Teacher, as well as a 50HR Registered Yin Yoga Teacher, and is a pioneer in the online bellydance class world.

As a second generation American Cabaret Style Bellydancer, Ansuya likes to call her life-long, ever-evolving, eclectic Bellydance style, "Cabaribalusion" as she fuses Cabaret Bellydance with Tribal and the flavors of Indian, African, Spanish, Rom, and Egyptian dance. She believes that meeting students and colleagues on the common ground of a shared love of Bellydance and Yoga opens the door to manifesting a universe that is a constant flow of well being for all!