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Ava Fleming

From Phoenix, AZ, Ava Fleming brings a truly unique and modern approach to Raqs Sharki.  She is an elegant example of today’s classic dancer with over 20 years of Middle Eastern Dance, as well as being cross trained in Latin Ballroom both in partner performing and instruction.

Performer, choreographer and instructor of Middle Eastern Dance, Ava is in high demand for her teaching skills and performances.  Her unique approach to Middle Eastern Dance has led her to international acclaim.  She has been fortunate to perform with musical talents such as Chris Spheers, Souhail Kaspar and Karim Nagi of Turbo Tabla.

Recognized by her peers, role models, and audience members, as an award winning dancer, she remains the only dancer to ever sweep the three Belly Dancer of the Universe competition categories of Champion, People’s Choice and Miss Congeniality. (2004)

She continues to draw inspiration from her student’s fresh view points, her resolution to be true to herself, living in her heart, and as always, great music and teachers.