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BADRAWN, an acoustic music ensemble from the Dallas / Fort Worth area, are well known throughout Texas for their performances of instrumental classics from the near east, as well as original pieces.  The four members of the band include:  Alan on Oud and Buzuq, Amy on Oboe and Accordion, Benjamin on Tabla, and Ron on Ney and Zurna.  Since the band practices weekly in Alan's basement, they're what you would call a "basement band" rather than a "garage band."  Imagine their excitement upon finding a word that actually meant "room under a house," or "Badrawn,"  they had found the name they were looking for!  Their attention to authenticity, as well as respect and passion for the origins of the music, have earned them the prestigious spot of house band for Yaa Halla, Y'all, 3rd Coast Tribal Festival, Austin Belly Dance Convention and many other Texas belly dance events and venues over the course of their seven years playing together.