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What do I wear?   Yoga pants or any type of stretchy pants that allow free movement. A tee-shirt, regular or crop top, your choice.  IF you have a shawl or head scarf large enough to tie around your hips, please bring that as it helps to ‘find’ your hip bones.

What time should I arrive?   For the first class, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to complete your check-in and any forms you may need to fill out to register. (Note: registration form can be printed from website)

How long are the classes?   Each class is an hour long. You will start with a warm-up that is designed to hit the specific areas that will be used during that day’s lesson.

How often do classes meet?   Classes meet once a week and there is a choice of two classes of Beginner Belly Dance that will be the same level. This enables students to attend a make-up class if they have to work late or travel. There are a minimum of four classes a month, so when holidays occur, there will be alternative times offered.