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Helena first discovered belly dance at the Scarborough Renaissance
Festival in Waxahachie as an adolescent, seeing Isis Bartlett and her
troupe on the Gypsy stage. Mesmerized, she instantly knew she had
to learn how to do that! Her somewhat conservative mother disagreed.

Unable to be dissuaded, immediately after college, Helena joined
Isis’ Star Dancer Studio in Bedford, TX to begin her belly dance
education.  After years of hard work, she eventually found herself
performing at Scarborough Renaissance Festival as one of the Wings
of Isis….a dream realized.

During her tenure at the Star Dancer Studio, Helena has been a
member of the award-winning troupe The Raksettes, Professional
Performing Company troupe Raks Maysan, and now The Wings of Isis.  
In addition to study at her home studio, she has loved to travel to
learn more about this beautiful craft attending Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive in Las Vegas, NV, Bahaia’s Cabaret Dance Camp in
Ingram,TX, Aziza’s DreamCamp in Val Morin, Quebec, and Coastal
Belly Fest in Santa Cruz, CA.  And of course, Helena has attended
many years of Yaa Halla, Y’all.

Each of Helena’s immediate family members have attended the Star
Dancer Studio at one point or another, learning Middle Eastern drum
and belly dance. Even her mother-in-law got in on the fun and is
learning to play the doumbek. She feels so fortunate to be a part
of this community that has become an extended family.

In her non-dance life, Helena is a wife and mother of two.
Professionally, she is an Executive Assistant.  She also serves
on the board of a non-profit Montessori School in Southlake, TX,
which she helped create in 2014.