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Kaeshi Chai

Kaeshi Chai is bi-coastal (CA+NYC) dancer, choreographer, designer, producer and director whose life mission is to serve our precious planet and empower others through the vehicle of art. She co-founded PURE Globe, an international community focused on healing and social change, the Bellyqueen company and school, as well as Djam NYC shows featuring live music and dance. She has taught / performed in 48 states and 39 countries and is an alumni member of the Bellydance Superstars, Bellydance Evolution, Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) and Spector Dance. As a producer, Kaeshi has organized over 600 events (shows, tours, conferences). Kaeshi holds multiple certifications in movement (dance, fitness, pilates, yoga), created the Bellyqueen Teacher Training program and graduated with honors in a degree in Design from the University of Technology, Sydney. She meditates daily and practices NVC (Non Violent Communication).

Current projects include "Ocean Stories" integrating art and science for environmental awareness, and "Becoming - Exploring Identity". Kaeshi contributes dance and movement meditations to events organized by Unity Earth, Purpose Earth, and the Global Peace Tribe. Kaeshi performed in "Wildfires" by Spector Dance, at the opening night of "Plantasticas" by the Exploratorium Museum, and was commissioned to create a dance piece about the forest root system for the Exploratorium "After Dark: Roots" event on May 4th. She is a proud member of Evolutionary Leaders, a circle of innovative thinkers (including Deepak Chopra) who have dedicated their lives and work to human, social and planetary transformation.
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Kaeshi ChaiKaeshi Chai