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Kata Maya

Kata Maya is a Professional Bellydancer in the San Antonio area of Texas. She is a performer, instructor, choreographer, and overall dance enthusiast. Originally from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Kata Maya is a life-long member of the Middle Eastern Dance community.

Beginning bellydance at the age of 5, Kata Maya grew up at The Isis Star Dancer Studio in Bedford, TX. At the age of 14, she moved to The Angels of Isis Performing Company, under the direction of Kede. While there, she entered the dance competition world. As a troupe, The Angels of Isis created award-winning choreographies; some of its members won solo categories as well, including Kata Maya. She auditioned for the Wings of Isis in 2009 and was a member until she left the Star Dancer studio to study English Rhetoric at Texas A&M University.

While at Texas A&M, she became a member, and soon teacher, of The Brazos Raqs Ensemble. She participated in community festivals, expanded dancer’s knowledge through choreography and her Belly Dance Boot Camp Program, danced with Victoria Teel (a current member of The Bellydance Superstars), and helped create The Brazos Valley Belly Dancers, a community group of dancers determined to expand general awareness of Middle Eastern Dance within the Brazos Valley. She also co-produced “Egyptian Nights – a night of local and professional talent in the Brazos Valley”. After graduating Cum Laude, Kata Maya returned home to the Star Dancer Studio and rejoined The Wings of Isis. She also became the instructor of The Treasures of Isis, a class for teenage girls at the Star Dancer Studio.

Kata Maya is now currently located in San Antonio, TX. She is available for workshops, private lessons, and choreography creation/consultation.

Kata Maya also performs locally at parties, haflas, festivals, and restaurants. She is available in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and DFW. In San Antonio, you can see her at Mina & Dimi’s and John The Greek. She also makes occasional appearances in Dallas at Stratos Greek Taverna, Al Amir Addison, and Cairo Hookah Lounge Richardson. Check the calendar for upcoming performances.

Kata Maya has studied with many of the top Middle Eastern Dancers, including Aziza, Amaya, Amir Thaleb, Bozenka, Fahtiem, Karen Barbee, Keshi, Mahmoud Reda, Moria Chapell, Sadie, Sabrina Fox, Sahra Saeeda, Suhaila Salimpour, Tito, Vashti, Virginia, Zoe Jakes, and many more!

She has performed in Baltimore, Chicago, College Station, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Orlando, Springdale AK, Palo Alto, Waxahachie, and China! She is known for her energy and grace on stage. From sharp hits to quick turns, from kicks to back bends, Kata Maya is truly an upcoming star in the Middle Eastern Dance community.