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Mia Sha'uri is an incredible rising star we have watched blossom over the last 7 years. Mia's wide range of professional artistic talent including not only Cabaret, but also Tribal, Gypsy, Latin and Bomba, coupled with her dynamic stage presence, make her a crowd favorite everywhere she performs and a shooting star to watch!  

Belly Dancer of the Universe 2008

Double Crown Gypsy Stylist 2008

Runner Up Belly Dancer of the Year 2008

Yaa Halla, Yall People's Choice Solo Cabaret Professional Star 2008 and 2009

Belly Dancer of the Year 2010

Belly Dancer of the World 2012

Folkloric/Bollywood Belly Dancer of the World 2012

Runner Up Fantasy Fusion Belly Dancer of the World 2012

As an instructor, her maturity exceeds her years and her desire to participate in the growth of her students is immediately evident. As a performer, her musicality and unique artistic interpretation are her signature.  Her dynamic and dramatic stage presence make her a captivating crowd favorite!

Mia Sha’uri