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Studio drummers - it's Tabla Time!

On January the 26th come join Soroush, Malachi, and Zann for a special drumming workshop to learn the new tune Tabla Time!
Please show up about 12:30 pm to set-up and divide into groups.
Starts at 1:00 pm - $20 in advance / $25 at the door

Written with fun in mind it has three different parts; lead tabla, rhythm or doholla, and riq.  For this workshop you get to choose which
one to learn first! The drum workshop will split into three sections.  Soroush will teach the tabla lead, Malachi will teach the rhythm/doholla
part, and Zann will teach the riq part.  Then we will all join back up at the end to put it all together.

Don't worry about missing out, everyone who attends will get All Three Parts and access to a Very Special Recording to help you learn.  
This recording has the rhythm part panned to the left and the lead part panned to the right. This means if you are listening with ear phones
you can take out the left ear bud to only hear the lead part or take out the right ear bud to only hear the rhythm.  This also works if you
have a stereo system that will pan the music to different speakers.

Come join us for a little Tabla Time and a whole lotta fun!  ~Soroush




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