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Romina Musach…..
{Bellydance Argentina Style! -
9:00 - 10:00 pm}

         Born in Argentina, her grandparents were of Arab, Italian & Spanish decent. She is a multifaceted dancer, performer, teacher & choreographer. She has her own school of Dance in Argentina for over 10 years, with presentations annually in the most distinguished theaters.

Romi began studying dance with Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Spanish Dance. Then her love for dance also turned towards Oriental Dance/ Bellydance. After high school, she continued her studies and entered UNA, where she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Dance Choreographic Composition. She also graduated as a teacher and dancer at the Higher Institute of the Beduina Sarat.  During this time she also graduated from the Foundation of Julio Bocca,  completed a musical comedy training/career by Ricky Pashkus. and also studied at the Arabian Dance School of Amir Thaleb where she belonged to the Ballet of Camara.

She has performed for many noted celebrities, shows, restaurants, films & videos such as:  Daddy Yankee, Jadiel, Laura Fidalgo, Canal 9, Donald, Matos, Cesar Pueyrredón, Carnaval Guayleguaychu, Fairuz, Al Shark, Club Sirio Libanes... and many more in Argentina.

Currently she is in United States working in different companies: Fusion Gitana, Antiheroes Project, and Virginia’s prestigious Professional performing Company Virginia’s  ‘Wa Nour Al Ayun’.   Since her arrival she has also been working in TV on Telemundo, Mega TV, and recognized theaters.  She works constantly in the Miami circuit performing for some of the most prestigious events and venues in Florida and hosts weekly classes here as well.