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Scarborough Faire 2009

Images courtesy of cwitch

group of dancers on stage with colorful veils of pink, blue, and yellow with drummers playing behind them
trio of dancers wearing yellow, red, and white with blue accents play zills
dancer wearing red dances on stage using a turquoise veil
dancer wearing red and black carries a basket during show
dancer wearing a red skirt wrapped in turquoise veil performs on stage with another dancer playing zills near the back of the stage
Isabella and KataMaya
trio of dancers in red, turquoise, yellow, and pink perform with veils outstretched
Isabella, Kede, and KataMaya
dancer wearing a turquoise and yellow costume with black bedlah laughs on stage during performance
two dancers have pulled up a volunteer from the audience to act as their sultan during their show
KataMaya and Terezina with the Sultan of the show
dancer wearing a white costume with turquoise and lime green accents performs and plays zills on stage
2 drummers stand on stage in between performances
Malachi and Al Kazim
dancer wearing orange expressively poses on stage
2 dancers wearing orange and yellow pose on stage, standing back to back
Karyana and Terezina