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Pat Walsh “Soroush” is a multi-instrumentalist music professional that specializes in the Saxophone and Darbuka.  Raised on a small farm in the Hill Country of Texas, Pat grew up in a musical family.  He began his musical training at 8 years of age with the piano and so started a life long affair with music and learning new instruments.  

Now, Pat helps others learn by sharing his passion.  Pat teaches classical and jazz saxophone privately in the Dallas - Fort Worth area at many different Middle and High School Band programs.  He also is an instructor for one of the biggest Middle Eastern Drum troupe in the United States, The Drums of Isis.  There he instructs and accompanies the Isis Belly Dance Studio on Darbuka, Riq, and Egyptian Ney.  Website: https://saxophone.mymusicstaff.com

Performing as a stage and studio musician he has been able to share the stage with artists such as Iranian pop star Shadmehr Aghili, hafla wizard Carmine Guida, master percussionist Faisal Zedan, jazz great Ron Wilkins, drummer virtuoso Dave Weykl, and singer/ song writer Mancel Bolton. Pat Walsh studied music and jazz performance at Temple College and The University of North Texas.