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... is an award winning fusion bellydance artist who holds solo, duet, and group awards in both bellydance and non-bellydance dance competitions. She is known for her unique, quirky style of fusion bellydance, original choreographic work, and professional costume designs. Her creative movement background began with Figure Skating in her early elementary-college years. The transition to dance began with an in-country study of Balinese dance, and upon her return to the United States she found her way to her first dance teachers: Gina Capossella and Alia Tabhit of Vermont. She later studied with Sa'diyya of the North Texas school of World Dance, and sought out workshops with as many different instructors of as many different styles as she possibly could! Star understands body lines and weight changes and how to create delicate moves with strength which clearly translates to her dance.

Star teaches regular weekly classes and travels to teach workshops. She will blow your mind with her fluid movements and creative interpretation of music. Her dynamic style of fusion blends dances she has studied at length including cabaret bellydance, hip hop, and Balinese dance to name some of her favorites. Star also specializes in many bellydance props, such as veil, fan veils, and isis wings, feather fans, ans zils, and more.

She is also a 200 hr RYT, and an established yoga instructor who teaches weekly classes specializing in Modern Vinyasa, Power, and Yin yoga. She understands which muscle groups are best utilized for creating specific movements and can communicate how to gain better control over your body. This helps to  build the strength you need to improve your personal execution of moves without injuring yourself.  She typically adds Yoga to her workshops which is always a bonus.


1st place-Fusion Solosit: Ya Halla Y'all 2016

1st Place-Duet category: Ya Halla Y'all 2016

1st place-group category: Miami Bellydance Convention 2015

1st place-Tribal ensemble: Bellydancer of the year 2014

1st place-soloist: Hybrid competition, Fusion Fest, 2012