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Aziza - Friday - 'TRANSFORMATIVE TRANSITIONS'- Learn the Secrets of Fluidity


Bozenka - Friday - 'All ABOUT THAT BASE'- A Baladi workshop - Bring relaxed shimmies,earth-shaking hip drops and a fun attitude

April Rose - Friday - 'Cued Cohesion Combos for Group and Solo Improvisation'- Learn to dance movements and combinations based in raqs sharqi and transcultural fusion that can easily be threaded together improvisationally in the moment, to live or recorded music! These movements and combos are associated with certain Middle Eastern rhythms AND have accompanying multi-tonal finger cymbal layers that accent those rhythms. So you will always know what choice to make, even if you're dancing to brand new music! You can even use non-verbal cues to signal your choice to a group of dancers, enabling you all to dance together improvisationally as if you are doing a prepared choreography! ---- In this workshop we'll be working with baladi and malfuf rhythms. *Please bring finger cymbals if you would like to learn the finger cymbal layers.


Karim Nagi - Friday - 'DABKE'- Dabke is a stomping group dance used for weddings, clubs, stage performances, and social protest. Karim Nagi will teach steps and sequences from several Arab Near East countries.


Yalla Raqs the Palace 2022 - Friday

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Sunday Workshops